Connor Kravatz

I'm not in IT for the tech. I'm in IT to solve people's problems with what works best: be it complex, creative, and cutting-edge, or simple, boring, and forgotten. Any skill can be learned by Monday.


Edu Tek Ltd.

Systems Engineer
May 2022 – present


  • Manage 800 Windows, macOS, ChromeOS devices hands-on school-wide; assist central management of 4000 devices district-wide.
  • Solve user issues in an Active Directory + Google Workspace environment.
  • Translate technical objectives and requirements between students, faculty members, administrators, teammates, and superiors.


  • Offered first diagnosis of operations-halting twice-daily+ device crashes district-wide, enabling patching and prevention.
  • Configured JAMF enrollment to save 20 minutes per device deployment and streamline (remove) end-user OOBE.
  • Created JAMF script templates to reduce application deployment labor from 1 hour+ to 15 minutes.
  • Wrote SOPs and conducted training to closely integrate student helpdesk with technology department.


  • Provide white-glove support to district administrators and top-level account stakeholders.
  • Deploy packages to 4000 mixed-OS devices using JAMF, PDQ Deploy, and Google Admin.
  • Perform preventative maintenance in FortiEDR, FortiEMS, and Barracuda Backup.
  • Diagnose FortiGate and Lightspeed webfilter false-positives using devtools, WireShark, and FortiAnalyzer.
  • Creatively and independently solve problems using prior knowledge, tinkering, testing, internal documentation, external documentation, Good 'Ol Google, forums, blogs, vendor technical support, and any other means under the sun.

Doordash / Grubhub

Food Delivery Contractor
Oct. 2020 – Feb. 2022
  • Delivered orders in a timely manner.
  • Communicated with customers.
  • Managed order flow in multiple delivery apps to maximize profit.


Microsoft Certified Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate

  • Active Directory architecture, functionality, and administration.
  • 29 different Microsoft cloud, hybrid, and on-prem solutions and integrations with storage, networking, compute, and virtualization / containerization.

also: Comptia A+, Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals

Skills & Home Experience

Daily use, experimentation, obsession with Linux

Debian, Bash scripting, SSH/SFTP, Apache, SQL and MariaDB, Linux KVM, Linux LVM, and much more.

Built with Terraform, Gitlab CI, HTML, CSS, Python, and JS, on Azure, AWS, and Cloudflare. View the writeup and sourcecode at

M365 domain custom domain email with SPF, DKIM, DMARC.


University of Vermont

Double major in Business, Computer Science (incomplete)
Fall 2017 – Fall 2018
3.53 GPA